Project, Program, Portfolio management
Welcome to the V International Scientific-practical Conference Р3М-2020
"Project, Program, Portfolio management"!
4-5 december 2020
29 november 2020
Submission of applications and theses
The conference is dedicated to the establishment of the
Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
and the 60th anniversary
of the Department of Computer Systems


The directions of the conference work
1. Scientific-applied software project activities
2. Management of programs and portfolios of IT projects
3. Management of programs and portfolios of projects in energy, construction and education
4. Management of programs and portfolios of projects in marketing and logistics
5. Management of security programs: state, information, economic, etc.
6. Project management of e-sports events
7. Management of programs and project portfolios in computer engineering and robotics
8. Information technologies to support project activities
9. Artificial intelligence and project management. Modern realities.
10. Projects of the Ukrainian Scientific and Educational IT Society

Working languages of the conference - Ukrainian, English

Сonference abstracts of previous years

Requirements for abstract
1) Language of publication of abstract: Ukrainian, English.
2) Abstracts should not exceed 4 pages of A4 format.
3) The text of the abstract should be typed in Times New Roman 13 PT, 1.15 spacing, page numbering is missing. Field 20 mm on all sides.
4) Design and content of abstracts, as well as references, please follow the template
5) After the list of references, the following information should be provided in English: Name of authors; The title of the abstract; Annotation; Keywords
6) Use Design Pattern

Application for participation in the conference
1. Family
2. Name
3. Patronymic
4. The degree
5. Academic rank
6. Position, place of work
7. Students indicate what level of educational qualification they are studying in currently (bachelor, specialist, master), specialization, the Department
8. Educational qualification
9. Specialty
10. Department, faculty, university
11. The title of the report
12. Form unchaste
13. Arrival date
14. Departure date
15. Contact phone
16. E-mail

For publication in the proceedings you must provide
Abstracts are submitted exclusively in the attached template!
1. The electronic version of the abstracts (e-mail).
2. For students: Paper version of the theses necessarily signed by the author (s) and Director of the master's work. A positive review of the Mr head. (for secure communications - a review of the head)
3. Information about the authors on a separate sheet in electronic form.
4. The authors are participants of the conference will receive a copy of the book of abstracts
5. The manuscript of the thesis must be carefully edited. For the content of any text and any errors are solely the responsibility of their authors.
6. Figures should be presented as an object. Drawings of the Word format are not allowed, abstracts with such drawings are NOT accepted. All drawings will be printed in black and white, so you need to ensure their brightness and contrast.

The organizing Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts that do not meet the conditions of scientific publications, the theme of the CONFERENCE, and those submitted after the specified time without giving reasons, without entering into the controversy.

Conditions of participation
registration fee:
- students - 150 UAH.
- graduate students, teachers and other participants - 300 UAH.
- foreign participants of the conference is $30.

Sending of theses collection by mail - 40 UAH.

Transport participants, accommodation, meals and excursions are covered by the participants themselves.
Committees of the conference
  • Teslenko P., Ph.D, Associate Professor — Department of Project-based Learning in IT, ONPU, Odesa, Ukraine — Chairman
  • Bushuyeva N., Sc.D., Professor — Consultant of the Ukrainian Project Management Association – UKRNET, Professor Department of Project Management, Kyiv National University of construction and architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Denisova A., D.Sc., Professor — Director of the Ukrainian-Polish IES ONPU, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Kabza Z., Dr. hab. inz, Professor — Politechnicka Opolska, Opole, Polska, Opole, The Republic of Poland
  • Mizera K., Dr — Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Opole, WSB University in Wroclaw, Opole, The Republic of Poland
  • Tikhenko V., Sc.D., Professor, — Deputy Head of the UNESCO Chair, ONPU, Odesa
  • Tochenov I., D.Ph, Professor — Vice-Rector of Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kramatorsk, the Ukraine
Contact person
Teslenko Pavlo
Тел.: +38 (067) 940 04 51
  • Antoshchuk S., Sc.D., Professor — Director of the Institute of computer systems, ONPU, Member of Board of Ukrainian Scientific-Educational IT Society, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Biloshchytskyi A., Sc.D., — Head of the Department of Information Systems and Technologies, KNU name of T. Shevchenko, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Brovkov V., Ph.D. — Dr.-Ing., University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg, the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Busuyev S., D.Sc., Professor — President of the Ukrainian Project Management Association UKRNET, Head of the Project Management Department of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Chukhray N., Sc.D., Professor — Vice Rector for Scientific Research of Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Danchenko O., D.Sc., Associate Professor — Professor of Computer Systems and Systems Analysis Department, Cherkasy State Technological University, Cherkasy, Ukraine
  • Drozd O., Sc.D, Professor — Professor of the Department of computer intellectual systems and network, ONPU, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Kabza Z., Dr. hab. inz, Professor — Politechnicka Opolska, Opole, Polska, Opole, The Republic of Poland
  • Kopytchuk Igor, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor — Head of the Department of Project-based Learning in IT, ONPU, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Krisilov V., Sc.D., Professor — The Head of the System Software Department, ONPU, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Krylov V., Sc.D. — Professor of the Department of Applied mathematics and information technologies, ONPU, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Lobachev M., Ph.D., Professor — Director of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, ONPU, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Lora S., Sc.D., Professor — Technical University of Brazil, Itajuba, Brazil
  • Lukianov D., Ph.D, Professor — Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • Sachenko A., D.Sc., Professor — Head of the Department for Information Computer Systems and Control, Ternopil National Economic University, Ternopil, Ukraine
  • Sytnikov V., Sc.D., Professor — Head of Department of the Computer Systems, ONPU, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Tolysbaev B., D.Sc., Professor — Head of the Department of Management of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan
Teslenko Pavlo

+38 (067) 940 04 51


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